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 By Graham Insley

5 stars  Surprising Miracles Abound

Some unexpected twists to the miracles shared in this book reveal a truth seldom shared; God always answers prayers, but not always the way we want Him to.
Dave Walker’s life, as both a highly qualified medical professional and a soul searching, stumbling Christian, is shared with a rare honesty and a confrontation of his own shortcomings and God’s need to deal with them. He shares incredible miracles of healing above and beyond what any medicine can provide. But this is also where the twists begin; he also shares the awesome miracles that can occur in death.
The greatest miracle shared is the one that happened in his own life; the miracle of a man who found intimacy with God.

I have no doubt that the miracles will continue in the lives of readers as they are touched by Dr. Dave’s story.

Winnie Kaetzel (Longview TX)


5 starsCaptivating Read, August 8, 2013

When, as a young woman, I heard of Dr. Chris Barnard and his pioneering heart transplant, I never dreamed that I would one day review a book for a member of his surgical team. Mesmerized, I turned the pages and read story after enchanting story of God partnering with Dr. Dave Walker in both the healing process of his patients and his own return to faith. His book, God in the ICU, reassured me that many medical professionals still do depend on a much higher power than their own intuitive or educational training for the healing of their patients. Though not medically oriented myself, I found this book a captivating read.

By David Ball (Cape Town)

4 stars A worthwhile read.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this autobiography of Dave Walker. It touched my heart on many levels and I found myself greatly encouraged many times. I also found myself challenged in my own prayer life.

During the reading of this book I often felt my cheeks wet with tears as I silently wept, overcome by the depth of emotion the author conveys. I felt myself transported to the emergency room or hospital bed, where real characters, men, women and children fought their final battles. Some lost and slipped away into eternity but some astonishingly were healed, restored to family and friends who could only marvel at God’s grace.
Dave Walker’s passionate faith and compassionate nature shine through this book and will bring comfort to many who need comforting or are perhaps doubting whether anyone cares or whether there is anyone out there.

I would recommend this book as uplifting,inspiring and a must-read. Another one to follow soon, I hope?

5 stars  More than a good read, an faith builder, August 26, 2013

There may be “no atheists in foxholes”; there are certainly few in the intensive care unit of a hospital. However, for the same reason a recent Air Force chaplain was criticized for quoting former U.S. Military Chaplain William T. Cummings, many Christians are reticent to invoke the name of Jesus in a public hospital even in darkest days.

God in the ICU, by Dave Walker, is the story of one doctor who found the courage to pray publicly and privately over his patients and saw the miraculous efficacy of prayer.

Dave Walker wasn’t always bold in his faith. In fact, the story starts with a humble retelling of his first years as an anesthesiologist at a hospital in South Africa. Following a series of personal losses, Walker doubted God’s existence and, if there was a God, certainly doubted His character.

Like so many of us, Walker’s heart cried out, “How can a loving God let things like these happen?”

But that’s only the beginning. God re-introduced Himself to Walker in a very personal way. As he began to grow in his faith, Walker felt supernaturally compelled to pray over his patients. It started slowly, one at a time, then intercession became a habit. Not only did he pray quietly in the operating room, but he asked his patients personally if he could pray with and for them. He approached grieving and terrified family members, asking again if he could pray with and for them.

The first part of Walker’s book tells his own story of reawakening to the God of love, the God of miracles and the God who is sovereign over even the most painful circumstances. The last two thirds of, God in the ICU, tell a wide variety of individual stories.

Walker recounts supernatural, instantaneous healings as a result of prayer. He tells of finding and sharing the comfort of Father God in the midst of long drawn out illness. He describes how prayer transformed difficult relationships. Perhaps most importantly and most applicable to the reader, Walker tells how, through prayer, his own spirit was quickened to hear, understand and obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit, even when they seemed contrary to logic.

This book is much more than a good read. Personally, it created a hunger in me to learn to speak to God in such an intimate way. Walker is an excellent writer with unique metaphors and poignant descriptions. I couldn’t put the book down. It is remarkably entertaining, but simultaneous it reaches the reader on a much deeper level.

Walker’s book directs immense glory to God. He reminds us of God’s majesty in the fantastic creation of human bodies. Walker highlights God’s unparalleled goodness and mercy. He tunes our ears to God’s voice and our points our eyes to search for God’s good purposes in all things.

Finally, God in the ICU is a bulwark against anxiety concerning evangelism and intercession in public places. Walker proves that God is in our darkest hours, in the moments when we need intensive care. He cannot be banished, and it is only to our good that we acknowledge Him, praise Him and point to Him. God alone brings healing and God alone is our salvation. Let us take courage and follow Dr. Walker’s example boldly bringing God, through prayer, into every moment of our lives.

By Ray

4 stars  Encouraging and Uplifting,

As I read this book, I was often in tears. God used it to begin a restorative work in my heart and I felt a plethora of emotions as I read it – Humbled by the author’s devotion and life of prayer, Chagrined for not being more proactive in my own ministry, Disappointed that ALL Christians don’t have that kind of obedient witness in their work community – but mostly Inspired and Determined to be more proactive in my own prayer life in the future and Desirous of seeing God work in such a powerful way! I found the book to be spiritually challenging without being “preachy” and at the same time, an “easy and comfortable” read. Although it was about the medical world, the author did a magnificent job of describing the situations presented in a way that non-medical people could easily understand the significance of the various situations and conditions. The stories draw the reader’s attention to a powerful, involved God – who doesn’t always work according to our desires…but to fulfil HIS own perfect will. I have bought several copies as gifts and I pray that God would use it to speak into the lives of those who read it!

 By jean shepherd

5 stars God in the ICU Dave Walker

This is an amazing book that all should read. It is written from the heart, God’s heart, and leaves you with a wonder at how faithful He is in all situations.
Very well written and we look forward to Dave’s second book.

By Robreader

5 stars  One wants to just keep on reading,

Very moving and motivating from beginning to end and it touched me in very many places.
You’ll find that once you start reading you’ll want to just keep going!

Enjoy it!

By Deonne Howden

5 stars  God in the Icu.

It was with great excitement that I purchased this book and from the moment I started reading, I could not put it down. I was deeply touched by the honesty and humility in which this was written. A fine balance between questioning God and having a faith system and sharing trials and faith with his fellowmen. I wept so often in the book and what ministered to me most was Dave’s attitude towards prayer and partnering with God. As a believer it truly blessed me and challenged me never to stop praying, even when we feel helpless. I too was part of the Craniofacial Unit in Pietermaritzburg and what a blessing it was. I have purchased 15 copies to date as I can think of no better present to give to family and friends. For me it is the Christian book of the year!!!

By Piet Bekaert

5 stars An excellent book from an excellent man...

I had the pleasure and the privilege to work as a colleague intensivist and anesthesiologist of Dr Dave Walker. He is a truly amazing doctor, extremely skilled, and above all, a wonderful human being. Arguably one of the people, if not the person who influenced my life most. The book is an excellent description of our work and on the patients’ doubts and sufferings while critically ill. I am a witness to some of the miracles that Dave describes, and which no amount of medical knowledge, intervention and understanding can explain… Please read the book, even if not familiar with ICU!

By Amberglow

5 stars God in the ICU,

What a wonderfully inspiring book! I had the pleasure of working with Dave Walker in the Craniofacial unit at Grey’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg, and saw first hand how God worked through him, in the most difficult cases. I hope this book is read by people who have gone through hardships in their lives, and take comfort in the power of prayer! A Catholic nun once said to me ” More things are wrought by prayer, than this world dreams of”. This book just re-inforces this belief.
Look forward to your next book, Dave!

Adriaan Botha

5 stars Go ahead – try NOT finishing it the first night… Good luck!

Within seconds of perusing the first paragraph, I was transported to Dave Walker’s world – instantly reassured as to the author’s kind intent and verity. Could it truly be the author’s maiden book, as I’ve learnt? How very unexpected it was then to find each paragraph laced with the confidence of a seasoned author and gifted story teller! Infallibly respectful, this book suspends the reader in a world rarely visited – along the way (and perhaps even unintentionally) resolving the seeming inscrutability of God’s signature, which he graciously and peaceably applies to authenticate both our living AND our dying. Carrying the unmistakeable authority gleaned from sustained, first-hand experience, this book represents a truly inspired choice to offer to anyone overshadowed either by grief, OR the shelter of the Almighty’s wings… or both. Or perhaps even neither.

I only know that I was rivetted and edified, and shall ensure that my copy TRAVELS!

By Taryn

4 star God in the ICU

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this autobiography of Dave Walker. It touched my heart on many levels and I found myself greatly encouraged many times. I also found myself challenged in my own prayer life. A worthwhile read.


One thought on “Reviews

  1. Awesome. The first few pages and I could not put the book down and as I read further, I was present in the ICU and in the wards. The book came alve for me and gave me goose bumps and at time tears just rolled down. God in ICU is a genuine reassurance and upliftment of the spirit that miracles do still happen with prayer. A book that is challenging, not to give up and press on with prayer even whn we feel helpless. My heart tore to pieces when I read about Janice and her baby. A woman of true faith. How often we look for the easy way out, but she went through her pregnancy and let God have His own way. And the part when Dr Walker was praying with Marion and suddenly the room seemed filled with light. I would feel His presence in the pit of my stomach. A must read for all. A book which must not be kept but passed around far and wide. Thank you Dr Walker for presenting me with a copy of your book together with your autograph.

    Sharmla – Randles Inc

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