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Posted on October 20, 2012

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Dr Dave Walker was a successful anaesthesiologist with a special interest in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Disillusioned with God after a series of tragedies, he lived for himself and his work; but something was wrong. Though he was seeing people healed physically, their lives were not changed and it all seemed pointless.

This set him on a quest to find a God who does not look on impersonally from a distance, as he thought, but is intimately involved in our lives. After a dramatic encounter, he started praying with his patients. Suddenly things happened beyond what he could have imagined as God intervened in response to prayer.

 In the meantime Dave was facing his own personal trials which tested his faith to the limit. Set firstly in a South Africa transitioning into democracy from apartheid and then in the Muslim world of the Middle East, God in the ICU will take you into the drama of critical care medicine, the inner life of a praying, caring physician and above all, the response of a faithful, loving God to the prayers of his people.

Told with transparency, compassion and an honest look at the lessons we can learn from His dealings with us, you will be encouraged to trust a God who is as close as a prayer away.

This book is available:

  • from www.Amazon.com  as a Kindle or paperback.
  • from Goodreads
  • from Smashwords
  • from Revelation Books (Faithwriters bookstore)
  • from Christian Connexion Bookstores nationwide (South Africa).
  • from Loot.co.za and Kalahari.com
  • from Karmal Bookstore, Bergvliet, Cape Town
  • from Wordsworth and The W’rite Shoppe in Longbeach Mall
  • from The Bible Centre, Pietermaritzburg
  • from me. the cost is R120-00 plus P & P as follows:Please fill in the form to order from me or if you have any comments/queries and I’ll get back to you:


15 thoughts on “About My Book

  1. I met you again on Saturday with Dee in Claremont and I remember working under your guidance in theatre and ICU back in 1978-1981. You were inspirational then and I look forward to reading your book and hearing your story now.
    All the best with the launch of your book

  2. Dear Dave, it has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with you. You are by far one of the most inspirational people that God gave me the chance to meet. I am looking forward to read your book! Kind regards. Piet

    • Thanks, Piet. My times with you at Tawam are jewels in my memory cache! We had amazing experiences and I so enjoyed your input. I also think you were/are tops in your job. Great memories of the way you and Anne-Marie spoiled us so much on our visit, too. Blessings

  3. We are on a much needed holiday in a remote beach resort in Thailand and guess what, thanks to the internet connection and my ipad, i managed to buy the e version of your book and started to read it on my kindle app!!!! Isn’t that wonderful? I am still hoping you will replace me for a few weeks locum this summer ;-). You can stay at our place and use our cars. Krgds.

    • That’s great, Piet. Hope you enjoy it. It will be modified slightly by the publishers. The cover and layout will be different, but obviously the content will be the same. Piet, I have not given an anaesthetic for two and a half years. I would be dangerous in the O.T. right now! But thanks for the compliment. God bless Dave

  4. Dear Dave, We remember you and Penny so well and prayed for her during her illness.
    Wolgang forwarded your letter to us yesterday. We have lost contact with you and I have no idea where you live these days. The printing (resulting from Marriage Encounter & Mary-Anne Stewart) is still keeping me solvent !!) Looking forward to getting and reading your book.
    God Bless, Derek & Debbie Palframan
    (Sorry, all this new technology is “Greek” to me )

  5. God In The I.C.U. is an amazing testimony of Dr Walker’s struggle into fully accepting the gift of God’s grace. He has authored the book beautifully around his career from being in private practice to his position as head of I.C.U. at Grey’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg. It is an easy to read life story that will have you eagerly turning pages whilst pulling a tear with undoubtedly God touched encounters.
    Dr Dave Walker is one of few men that I can truly say reflects Father’s desire for us to be the salt and light of the earth. His latest book is a fantastic read that will not leave you untouched about the reality of God and His workings within our lives, definitely a keeper for any discerning bookshelf.

    Robert A. Newcomb
    (Marine Electrical Officer)

  6. Hi Dave, At last I’ve done it ……. embraced technology and downloaded “GOD IN THE ICU”. Can’t put it down BUT – the bed has got to be made. I’ll (to be sure) be putting the “Brothers Karamazov” on pause ’til I’ve finished this. Hope to catchup when we get to Cape Town beginning March. Kind regards and God Bless David.

    • Wow! Edging Dostoevsky out of first place! O.K. I won’t let that go to my head. Seriously, though I am SO gratified at the response to GICU generally. Even at a funeral in Zimbabwe I had people queuing to tell me how much they enjoyed it. Thanks, Dave. Looking forward to seeing you in March.
      P.S. If you got it from Amazon a quick review would be much appreciated.

  7. David,
    I was given the link to this website by Yvonne Wilkens and Kellie McGillivray. I have ordered the book from amazon and look forward to reading it. With Shireen and my 2 kids in Richmond Virginia USA

  8. Hi Dave
    Thank you so much for the gift of your book as I left Ccfm. I am so enjoying reading it. It’s gripping, easy & encouraging reading. I’m blessed because of it.
    Thanks so much.
    God Bless you.

    • Hi Helga
      You’re very welcome. I trust you’re getting used to your new life without Rise and Shine. May the Lord continue to bless you as you have blessed so many others.

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