More than a million on our knees

Bloem 1

Imagine being on your knees before God with over a million others, repenting and committing your life anew to serve Him with all your heart.

Imagine being surrounded further than you can see by a crowd of people from all walks of life and of every colour, all with their hands raised, praising and worshiping the only true God.

Imagine over a million people singing the creed: “I believe in God the Father, I believe in God the Son, I believe in the Holy Spirit, our God is three in One…” Irrespective of the other differences in doctrine, we were united in these basics which as one, we could proclaim into the heavenly realm.

Imagine being led in prayer by farmer/evangelist Angus Buchan and at the end of each prayer, the “Amen” echoing through the countryside and into the heavenlies from an estimated 1.7million voices.

Imagine calling on God and experiencing a wind rushing through the crowd, taking umbrellas and large clumps of grass into the air, turning into a little whirlwind before dissipating.

This was not a show. This was people coming together in a prayer meeting to ask God to save our land which has been torn apart for generations by greed, racism, violent crime, corruption and horrendous sexual sin. It is a situation only God can remedy with radical heart change, and there is evidence He is responding to the cry of His people. The gathering of His people was against a background of a new urgency to pray. Throughout the land before the big event, and during it, prayer meetings have been packed. Since the meeting the Chief Justice has called for 50 days of prayer, a billion dollar deal with Russia for nuclear power stations, concluded under highly suspicious circumstances has been ruled unlawful, Christian politicians have been emboldened to stand up for their faith and there is a new sense of optimism and a looking to God in the general population.

Jesus, in Luke 21:28 tells us, when we see disturbing things that will happen at the end of the age, to look up. On the 22nd April, the church of South Africa did just that and the ripples are felt through our nation.



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