Books to help understand healing

Stage 4RadicalSwitchQuantum


There are a number of books which have influenced me greatly in my understanding of healing:

Stage 4 Cancer Gone by Shirley Mitchell Williams tells the story of a woman who fought back against a cancer which was predicted to kill her in a few months. What impressed me was that she not only clung to God and the promises in His Word, she used every tactic designed to root out the cancer, from conventional medicine, to immune boosting alternative medicine, to raising her core temperature with saunas, to strict diet control, depriving the cancer cells with the sugar they hungrily consume. Of course, her chief weapon was unceasing prayer and aggressive use of the Word of God.

Radical Remission by Kelly Turner is a fascinating book by a cancer counsellor who discovered that there are thousands of cancer sufferers who have either had their cancers disappear or who have survived far, far longer than their prognosis — some for many  decades. She is not a Christian — and some of what she advocates I heartily disagree with, in terms of how it affects our eternal destiny — but she has identified seven common factors which the cancer overcomers (not just survivors) displayed, (Remember we are talking about physical survival, not eternal life, which is only found in Jesus, regardless of your state of health). Attributes like taking control of one’s own life and not passively submitting to the professional opinion, radical diet change, actively thinking positively, developing and enhancing positive emotions and recognizing there is a spiritual component to one’s life, which also needs to be developed.

Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf. I have already spoken of her research into the interplay of our minds, our bodies and our spirits, which throws light on much of the content of the books above, and which we’ll talk about in my next post.

and lastly Quantum Glory by Phil Mason, who takes us into the world of quantum physics in a very understandable (and no doubt simplified) way where, like something out of science fiction, but as real as the chair you’re sitting on (maybe even more real) things travel faster than light,  can influence other things irrespective of the distance or obstacles between them and can even exist in more than one place (Jesus lives in us and is at the right hand of the Father). This has helped me to believe that our thoughts can influence our genetic expression, among other things.

I don’t want to make this post too long, so suffice it for me to say that I do believe these books will change your way of understanding how the body works and open your eyes to a whole new world of just how fearfully and wonderfully we are made.

In my next post we can explore some of the content of these books in greater depth.




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