Tears from the Heart


The Bible says< “As in water, face reflects face, so a man’s heart reveals the man”(Prov. 27:19)

Sometimes we try to hide our hearts, but they are reflected in the water of our eyes.

It is that thought that prompted this piece:


What made you cry? What made the wellsprings of your heart overflow through your eyes and trickle down your cheeks? Was it something sad? Or were they tears of joy? Did the deep pool of your memory render up the death of a romance, the pain of a dying child or the wandering wilderness of a rebellious son? Or was it the glowing memory of an unexpected act of love so spontaneous you knew it was straight from the heart?

The heart is so private – so deeply hidden within. Who can know the heart of another? Yet, for a moment, as happens in a brief touch from heaven that pulls the drapes back a little, it showed in your glistening eyes, the trickle down your cheek and a stifled sniffle. It betrayed a softness – a heart of flesh, not stone; a vulnerability at once endearing and shocking in one as strong as granite.

What made you cry? How I long to pull the curtains back a little more; to see the child within – the real you. Not that your solid dependability is not you, but there is a part I long to hold close, to embrace.

Oh, what made you cry? Open up your heart. I want to cry with you. Whether in joy or pain, I want to be there, our hearts knitted, our tears like confluent streams in the same valley.

For when we cry together we will laugh together.


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