Easter Joy

Hi Readers
As we celebrate the time when world history tilted heavenward and God revealed His salvation plan, I thought it would be good to meditate on that amazing verse found in Hebrews 12:2 “(Jesus), for the joy set before Him, endured the Cross, scorning its shame…”

Heart cries to a silent heaven,
Spirit icily alone;
Blood sweat, staining gnarled old olives
Angels witness to the groans.

Faith’s surrender to the Father,
Looking to the joy ahead
Aching at the kiss of Judas
Abandoned by the ones that fled.

—- o —-

I’ll focus on the joy, my Father
See the gladness in Your heart
When John and Mary, Sue and Arthur
Come back home, have a brand new start.

I’ll face the cursing, feel them strip me
Sense the joy beyond the Cross.
I’ll lead the sheep to greener pasture
I’ll be the gate through which they pass.

My face contorts, my back’s on fire
But still I’ll focus on the joy
Though thorns crush through my scalp and forehead
I’ll think of Judy, Mike and Troy

This cross-beam’s heavy and I stagger
“See the joy, the prize above”
I’m trailing blood, the crowd is yelling
Yet they’re the prize, the ones I love.

My head grows faint, I go no further
Falling ‘neath the cross-beam’s weight,
But now a helping hand comes forward,
Respite from the jeers of hate.

I feel the evil deep inside me,
Rape and murder, filth and sludge.
I feel its shame, disgust and anger;
What joy to take it to the Judge.

I’ll let them spit, endure their hatred
And then the anger of our God
To see the joy when they’re forgiven
And receive the Father’s nod

The thud of nails, the spurt of blood
Electric shocks tear through my arms.
I’ll love them, God, unwitting agents
Of Your pure salvation plan.

My God, my God, I feel so lonely
Full of shame and so alone.
Yet for their joy I’ll breathe forgiveness
Sigh my last, their sins atone.

—- o —-

The depth of love that makes it joyful
To take the curse of every man
What human mind can fully fathom?
What heart can fully understand?

If, at a million hits per second
I googled “love” for eternity
Never would I find an equal
To my Saviour’s love at Calvary.

“Who, for the joy set before Him, endured the Cross, scorning its shame.” (Heb. 12:2)

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