God Responds to Prayer in Amazing Ways

Never underestimate what God can do through prayer, even in a brief encounter. One of the great things about writing my book is the feedback I’ve received from patients with whom I prayed.
I’m sharing this with humility, because I want to shout about the faithfulness of God, even when we do something apparently small. I have described, in God in the ICU, dramatic encounters with Him when we pray. Sometimes, however, we are unaware of just how God is using our prayers.

I remember Cheryl, who wrote the email below, but I was unaware of her experience as recorded here. In this edited extract, please get a glimpse of how God can turn something which may not seem a big deal to you into a changed life which is then lived for His glory.

Dear Dr Walker, it’s been many years since you prayed for me, touched my life, and brought me into a new place of hope. You see, I had a kidney removed in 1980, and, at the time, I believe I caused some concern in theatre when I suddenly became seriously allergic to an anaesthetic drug. You literally prayed me back to life, and ever since, you have never been far from my thoughts and prayers.

What I never told you at the time, is that I met Jesus during that anaesthetic….He held me in His arms, and spoke to me without using words. Yes, I had the whole tunnel experience and the bright white Light, but the best was being held by the King of Kings, and then put back into my body. As He did so, He wrapped my feet in soft gold cloth. I shared this experience with the dear friend I made in the hospital room next door, her name was Faye Pooler. (Faye was a beautiful young lady who witnessed with radiant joy in the midst of a terminal illness – Dave)

I just wanted to write to you and say thank you for journeying with me and playing such an important valuable part in our lives. Without your prayers and care, we would no longer be here.
I left SA to live in the UK in 2004 to answer a call to minister to the homeless. I ran a big homeless project near London for three and a half years before my own health started failing. I took a less responsible job in the community and then met my husband Derek. We married in 2008 in the UK. Together we serve the Lord in the community, near Bedford. Our focus remains with the homeless. I counsel most days, as I believe the Lord has called me to share the knowledge and gifts He gave me, then in the evenings I minister together with my pastor. It is humbling to realise how great God’s love really is. The evenings with my pastor are spent ministering one on one, to those who have been ritually abused. I don’t think I have ever cried so much in my life before….

God used prayer, and an allergic reaction to an anaesthetic, to reveal Himself and bring healing, not only to Cheryl but, through her, to untold homeless and abused people. Such is the power of simple prayers in the hands of a faithful, loving God.


3 thoughts on “God Responds to Prayer in Amazing Ways

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful testomonies. It is so encouraging and such a privilege to be able to pray and worship Jesus the King of the universe. I am also so thankful to know that there are doctors who pray for their patients.

    • Thank you very much, Christi, for your comment. It is always so encouraging to discover others who love Jesus passionately. It took me right back, as I re-read Cheryl’s testimony and she spoke about Faye. I have just completed another book, called Prayer, Medicine and Miracles in which I talk about Faye who was an amazing person with a tragic illness, but whose life radiated the love of Jesus as she walked around the hospital talking to other patients. My book will be free as an e-book and should be out in the next month or so. If you’re interested, I’ll let you know when it’s out.
      Many blessings.

  2. Dr Dave I would appreciate so much to be able to get your book. I also want to know if your first book is still available and where I can buy it. May our Lord bless you.

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