Killing babies, Searing consciences

Yesterday I stood outside Marie Stopes abortion clinic (abortuary) for an hour, praying. I was filling a slot for the 40 Days for Life initiative whereby people pray outside these places round the clock for 40 days. So far it takes place in 522 cities, in 21 countries. To date 8,245 babies’ lives have been saved, 88 workers have quit and 44 clinics closed. God answers prayer.

The experience was both exhilarating and heartbreaking.

Exhilarating in that I sensed the Lord’s pleasure as I walked up and down past the doors and then knelt before the clinic, standing for justice for the babies, calling alternately for mercy for the workers and judgement on that place with it’s despicable, misleading pictures of happy, smiling young girls.

Heart-breaking as I saw the steady stream of girls — sometimes with their boyfriends — who wandered in, or who emerged as if nothing had happened — and yet, for many, their whole world had changed. One girl wore a cross; another had a Muslim headdress. How was their action tearing at their consciences?

I felt the presence of God so strongly that I’m convinced if there was someone praying outside that building every hour that it was open, every day of the year, it would be closed in less than a year.
I’ll be going as often as I can.


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