Why Does God Test?

Hi Everyone
I subscribe to an organisation called Faithwriters

Members post daily devotionals. This one touched my heart , so I thought I’d share it. It is by Karen Pourbabaee


“What is man that You make so much of him, and that You set Your heart on him. Visit him every morning and test him every moment.” Job 7:17-18 ESV

God’s heart is set on us. His Word declares His love. His devotion is displayed in daily visits. Another translation states He examines us every morning, preparing our tests like a dedicated teacher. Are we prepared for His morning visits and ready for His exams? They’re not all mid-terms or ACT magnitude. Look for the little quizzes of life. They come without fail. Are we better than Job that our Father should spare us His tests? Look at His Son’s testing. God tests those He loves. It’s a mark of His favor.

Why does God test? What’s His purpose? A test is defined as “something done to discover a person or thing’s qualities or abilities.” God knows the answers to our tests. He created us. Could it be the answers are for our own discovery? To learn what we’re really made of? To know who we were created to be? That’s one purpose of God’s tests.

The verb test means to refine. The Lord’s exams refine and strengthen us. Our faith increases. He adorns us with the beauty of holiness, for His goal is to establish our value, which is another grand purpose of His tests.

God tries us, proves us, and at last establishes us as valuable in His kingdom. Like a proud papa. There is a wise and loving plan in our trials.


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