No Man is a Cat

From a distance, it was hard to make out. The bush seemed alive with orange blooms that danced and glimmered in the sunlight. Curious, he moved closer. Then it was apparent the bush was on fire. He hurried, now, wondering who could be here with him when he thought he was alone; and why set the bush alight? Was it to gain his attention? The flames leapt high in the air but to his astonishment, there was no crackle of exploding twigs; no leaves curling and withering in the heat. His curiosity thoroughly aroused Moses drew close — and had a personal encounter with the living God.

She rushed into the village in the middle of the day, calling to the people. It was so out of character that the villagers were curious. Of course, one had to be cautious with what she said. A woman of her reputation couldn’t have anything good to say. And it didn’t do one’s own reputation much good to speak to her too long. But still………….. she seemed so self assured, not defensive, freely acknowledging her past, yet not cowering in the least. “Come,” she said, “come and see someone who told me everything I have ever done.” If they had been her they would have wanted to avoid someone like that, given all that she’d done. Yet she wanted them to see him. Their curiosity overcame their reserve and they followed her to the well — and met Jesus.

In 1934 the young son of a farmer was persuaded by a farmworker to attend a nearby tent crusade. As he listened to the gospel message, his curiosity was aroused and he went again and again. Finally, at one of Mordecai Ham’s meetings, he bowed his knee to Jesus — and Billy Graham was born again.

Disillusioned with God after the death of my brother in a car accident and the subsequent death of his wife from a sudden illness, I attended church sporadically. At a service, the preacher announced that Christ Healing Fellowship would be holding a series of meetings where they would pray for the sick. Curious to know what really happened at these gatherings and confident that I, as a doctor, would be able to see whether people really were healed, I attended. Overcome by the spirit of love filling the place, I forgot my agenda and stayed behind for prayer, expressing my disappointment with a God who allowed bad things to happen to good people. That was the start of a journey that led me, four days later, to a personal encounter with the God of love and healing and changed my life forever.

“It is the glory of God, to conceal a matter,” says Solomon, “To search out a matter is the glory of kings.” God keeps secrets half-hidden, revealing just enough to tantalise. Those whose interest is sufficiently aroused to seek the answers are rewarded with a crown of righteousness, becoming heirs of the Kingdom.

Curiosity may kill the cat, but to man it is a glorious hook whereby God woos him to Himself without violating his free will.
No, it is not curiosity that kills man, but the very opposite. When we fail to ask, “Why?” from apathy, not caring, or presumption, thinking we know better, we lose out on the very truths that bring life and set us free.

God goes to great pains to preserve our free will, all the while tempting us to be curious and seek out the answers. I wonder why He should go to so much trouble to entice us to Himself?
I’ll have to look into it further.