Anthony’s Wisdom

The other day I was thinking about the lovely Christians with whom I worked in various hospitals. One of them was Anthony.

Anthony came from a well-to-do family, but had been brain damaged as a child. He could, however, hold down a job successfully as a porter. He loved Jesus with a passion and delighted to talk about Him with whomever would listen. He was often teased about his faith but he took it bravely, with a good sense of humour. His disability caused him to talk very fast, running one word into the other. I will write his manner of speaking like this, as I describe his greeting to me:
“MorningDoctorWalker. BeautifulDayJesusMade”

One day there was a violent thunderstorm in the city. The rain was pelting down in sheets, the lightning was close by, with deafening thunder following instantaneously.

Anthony looked out of the operating theatre window at the spectacle. My senior partner came to tease him. “You see, Anthony, how God can express His anger. A lightning bolt could come right through the window and strike you dead.”

Anthony looked at him with his usual good humour and a crooked smile. “DrCromme,” he said, “I’mAChristian. ForMe, InstantDeathIsInstantGlory!”

My heart did a little dance and Dr Cromme walked away with nothing to say.”

God has chosen the foolish things (and people) of this world to confound the wise.


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