What can I expect in an ICU?

ICU can be a scary place with all the foreign equipment, but never fear, it is not as bad as it looks. One of my patients, in the early days, referred to it as Dove’s waiting room — Dove’s being the local undertaker! — but be assured, most people who enter an ICU exit it alive! And I’m not talking about the ICU nurses and doctors!

And while you’re in there you will be kept comfortable. If you are in a Medical ICU, especially a Coronary Care Unit, every effort is made to keep it as restful and quiet as possible, even though you’ll be closely monitored. A surgical ICU is usually busier and noisier, but you will have one-to-one nursing to take care of all your needs, the beds are usually super-comfy and if you have any nasty things, like tubes or ventilators, you will be sedated.

My experience of ICU nurses is that they are highly efficient but also very compassionate and caring. (Often, when I prayed with my patients, they would come around the bed and pray with me). That makes a great combination.


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