What Happens in ICU

It’s an alien world to most people; one of bleeping monitors, drips and tubes and complex charts. So what is ICU and what happens there?

An ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is a special ward for someone whose system is failing in some way, or who is in danger of that system failing. If you have a heart attack, for example, even if your heart function is fine for the moment, you might either have another one, or develop an abnormal rhythm. So you might end up in ICU where you can be closely watched and action can be taken quickly if anything happens.

Most of the patients I dealt with had had major surgery. In that case it was either their breathing that needed some assistance for a while, or their heart. Others had developed a severe infection which was causing their heart or lungs to fail.

So where is God in the ICU? My experience is that He is not only the God of the supernatural, He is the God of medicine. Some people talk as if God and doctors are competing in their fields,”Prayer didn’t work so I’ll go to the doctor.” or the other way round, “Medicine didn’t work so I’d better pray!”) but I’ve seen the way we can ask God to guide the ICU staff, in their decision-making. And He does! We’re on the same side!
Any experiences of this?


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