Dorian Gray

While on holiday recently we watched a classic movie: Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. It is the haunting story of a man whose portrait changed, reflecting his soul, while he remained young. As he delved more and more into wickedness, so his portrait became more and more grotesque, revealing his true nature.

I have written about this before, but the movie made me think of it and I thought it worth re-iterating; So often we look at a person’s outward appearance and judge their state of health by what we see. Yet God might see a completely different picture. We might see a handsome, athletic young executive, whereas God might see a wretched man crippled with uncontrollable lusts and dark messages of failure from an abusive childhood.

I remember, at a healing workshop many years ago, we were asked to draw what immediately came to mind when we asked God who we were. I was having marital problems at the time.  An image of a bleeding heart flashed into my mind for a millisecond. I immediately dismissed it, as I felt strong and capable of handling my problems. I drew something else.

That evening during a ministry time, I started sobbing uncontrollably. God did not see a strong man, though those around me might have; He saw a bleeding heart, and during that session, did a mighty healing work as I was forced to see myself as He saw me and call out to Him.

We might not see a healing work of God, especially if we focus on the physical. Yet He could be healing in a powerful way that is more long-lasting — in fact, eternally so. Not that we do not expect Him to heal physically, but even with that, if it remains just that and does not draw us closer to Him in the process, it is a lesser healing than an internal one. As in The Picture of Dorian Grey, the portrait of our soul would remain as marred as before. It is that that He wants to touch above all else.


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