A Red Letter Day

Friday was a Red Letter Day as the draft of God in the ICU went to the printer. It should be out in print form in about two weeks. With my next post there will be a link from which you can order God in the ICU. It will take a little longer to get on Amazon in print form, but the new revised edition will be available on Kindle very soon.

I have been on a movie set for the last five weeks. Margie and I were on-set intercessors for The Perfect Wave — a movie based on the experience of Ian MacCormack, who was stung by a box jellyfish, was rushed to hospital where resuscitation efforts failed and he was certified dead. During that time he had an encounter with Jesus and was given the opportunity to return. After being certified dead and being in that state for twenty minutes he opened his eyes (to the terror of the nurse waiting with the body) and started to breathe again. He had rejected Christianity as a child, but asked Jesus to come into his life in the ambulance when he realised he was dying. Having encountered Jesus face to face, his life was radically transformed and he has been sharing his experience ever since. Now THAT is healing! Not only was he healed from a fatal sting, he was translated from the kingdom of darkness into that of glorious light. The movie will premiere in New York in the middle of next year.


4 thoughts on “A Red Letter Day

  1. So excited Dave. We must talk about promoting it with our Faith Station subscribers and also a competition on our facebook page!

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