Nearly there

The new cover is nearly complete and looks great. It won’t be too long before the book is on the shelves. In the meantime those who read the draft continue to be touched by it. I know that it was God’s idea and that He will show His love and concern through it.

Just a quick thought on healing prayer. I know that God acts sovereignly, but He also often just applies the rules with which He created us to bring healing. I have noticed that when people come to theatre having had prayer beforehand and trusting God, their whole metabolism is in a better condition for everything to go more smoothly. Their heart rate is slower, their breathing more even and under anaesthetic they are less likely to have abnormal heart  rhythms and blood pressure problems in reaction to the surgery or anaesthetic. It doesn’t have to be dramatic to be God. It is still God when He just eases them through the procedure by applying His natural laws.

Now, here is the answer to the quiz of the last post:

They are all subjects in the story of God in the ICU:

Chris Barnard: His phone call to the anaesthetic on-call room galvanised me into action to resuscitate the donor of the world’s first heart transplant. It was an exciting, historical night.

A mosquito: Plunging its proboscis through a baby’s soft skin, it injected toxic malarial parasites into the bloodstream. The doctor said the baby would die but amazingly he lived.

 A watch: This watch was given to me by the parents of a little girl brain damaged and unresponsive. Her case caused a crisis in my faith.

Poisonous insecticide: Drunk by a little girl, coursed its way through her system making her semi-conscious, half paralysed and battling to breathe. Then Jesus stepped in.

Jesus: The central person of God in the ICU. His intervention in the lives of the patients transformed lives and demonstrated His love.

I hope that whets your appetite!


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