In my book I describe many incidents where I prayed with my patients, particularly in the ICU and saw God come through in beautiful ways. I did not  lead them through the “Four Spiritual Laws” and having them recite the sinner’s prayer. It is not that I am against that in any way at all. It is just that I do believe the message of the Cross is this: God loved us so much that He provided a way for us to be able to come into His presence, and to entrust Him with our lives. This is what I encouraged my patients to do as they faced an operation or were desperately ill in ICU.

And God came through. Many experienced Him.  God is a God of the heart and if we have a heart response, He surely hears that. The thief on the cross beside Jesus just had to say, “Lord, remember me.”

Nevertheless, I do think that there were occasions where I could have been more direct in leading some of my patients into a formal commitment to the Lord. It would have consolidated it more firmly in their minds and hearts. I have always struggled a bit with that. When I tried it I got tongue-tied and rather intellectual, usually leaving my listener, I suspect, more puzzled than enlightened.

This is why I love the Alpha Course. One can give the full message in a structured setting with on-going fellowship as part of the deal. Nevertheless, what does one do in between Alphas?

I have discovered, through Faithwriters, —  a wonderful web community for Christian writers — a marvellous organisation at  — no, it does not stand for Praise the Lord, but the Pocket Testament League. From them one can get attractive little gospels of John, with relevant verses in bold and a little explanation in front of what it means to give one’s life to Jesus. They also have an online  “boot camp” which trains you in how to share the little gospels with others. So far I have given out four of these and it is so easy.  For the most part people are interested and grateful. Now that I have retired from medical practice it is not so easy to pray with patients (though I visit the local hospital once a week to do just that) However I am doing what I maybe should have done more often during my medical practice, sharing the way to salvation more clearly and getting blessed.

May I suggest you visit their website for your own interest. God loves to intervene in peoples’ lives.


2 thoughts on “PTL

  1. Well done on writing this book. Would love to buy a copy when they are available.

    An Anaesthetist has the most stressful job, but know you are blessed by your Lord an Saviour Jesus Christm

    May the good Lord bless and keep you.

    Kind regards

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