Sound advice

Arthur Blessitt

Last night we showed the movie The Cross to a group of about 35 people at Happy Valley, a shelter, for the homeless. It is a documentary about Arthur Blessitt who carried a large cross to every nation in the world preaching the message of the cross as he went. The whole audience watched in rapt attention as he described parts of his journey through deserts, impenetrable forests, ice and sleet, war zones and bustling cities. Shining through it all, though, and what captivated them was his total commitment to doing what Jesus asked him to do (a strange thing to us, but impacting thousands of lives) and the joy that radiated from him as a result.

There were gems of wisdom from someone who spoke from experience, too. Here are two that I picked out;

“The most important thing for you to do is the next thing that God tells you to do.”

“Don’t keep hoping to do great exploits for God. Give all you have to the next person that crosses your path by divine appointment. Great things are built one person at a time.”


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