An exciting development

I have some exciting news! Benedic Books, a publishing house here in Cape Town so enjoyed God in the ICU that they have agreed to publish it under their name. This means that it will take a little longer to become available, but in the the end will be more readily accessible. So please be patient. I have had so many people asking me why the book is not on the shelves yet and I am straining at the bit, wanting to see it there. However I keep reminding myself that this is God’s book and His timing!  And I would love you to subscribe to the God in the ICU section of their newsletter (see the new newsletter heading on this blog). So please follow the link under that heading so that you can keep track of how the book is progressing.

I will still be posting some of my thoughts on prayer and healing and also some anecdotes of life in the dramatic world of the operating room and ICU.


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