Victorious living

Well, we are into 2012 and I am reminded that although God is the same in nature yesterday, today and tomorrow, He does do new things in new seasons. Of course, He does not go by calendar dates (though He did set the moon on its course that determines our calendar!) but a new year is always a good time to be on the lookout for new things that He might be doing.

I have been impacted by three people over the last few months and they all have this in common: Although they have disabilities, they are living whole, victorious lives that reflect the character and love of Jesus in ways that are profoundly attractive to the world as well as believers. I am talking about Nic Vujicic, a man born with no arms and legs, yet living life to the full, Bethany Hamilton who, in spite of having her arm taken off by a shark at the age of thirteen went on to become a world champion surfer and vocal witness for Jesus and Patrick Hughes, born blind and crippled, yet living a full life in Jesus exploiting the musical talent that God has given him and inspiring many with his full participation in life.

The more I look into the subject of healing, the more I see God’s hand healing in ways that are invisible to those who look just at the physical. Yes, God heals physically, and I look forward to the day – not too far off, I believe – when we see that far more frequently, but if we look below the surface we will see His hand doing profound healing works that are eternal. Even physical healing should produce an internal work in us that is lasting — a gratitude to God that changes us on the inside. This was the difference between the nine lepers who went on their way physically healed and the one that came back and fell at Jesus’ feet in worship.

It was the physical healing of a patient without any internal change that caused me to seek God. I had worked day and night in ICU to save the patient’s life and when he recovered his dissident lifestyle did not change. I questioned what good I was doing and sought a God who could change a man on the inside. This is what God in the ICU is all about. It is stories of God healing His way, impacting lives by His presence in ways that change on the inside. May we all experience something of that work of His in 2012.


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