Catching the wave

Yesterday we were at the far, stony side of Scarborough Beach on the southern part of the Cape Peninsula. The waves tumbled against the stones in rhythmical giant stage whispers and gulls soared overhead crying to one another and plummeting, occasionally, like little depth charges into the ocean to catch their unwary prey. My attention, however, was on the surfers who waited idly on their boards till a swell appeared. Suddenly, as they saw it, they were alert and then paddling hastily to get into position. The swell rose higher and higher until the upper part, thinning into a translucent curve would overtake itself turning into a flurry of wild foam while board and fins sliced into the racing water.

What I saw at Scarborough in the natural, I believe we are witnessing in the spiritual realm. There is the groundswell of a powerful move of God: According to reports a fourteen year old girl in Pretoria, blind from birth was healed last week and can now see for the first time in her life. Mike Godward, the CEO of Links International has just returned from Uganda where he reported, first hand, a healing, documented by an internationally reputed laboratory, of a woman infected with AIDS by her adulterous husband. She is now HIV negative. All over the world one is hearing of a new passion for God amongst believers, leading to a new thirst for even more of Him. The healings that I witnessed as a praying doctor and which I have written about in God in the ICU will, I believe become commonplace as God prepares us for His coming again. Like the surfers, suddenly alert at the sight of the swell, let us actively position ourselves to ride the wave of the great move of God as His Spirit and power rise and curl before crashing down in a mighty outpouring of His love, grace and healing upon us, His people.


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