True Healing

Yesterday I was treated to a breakfast at Spurs by a well-looking,confident man who has become a good friend. When I met him at an Alpha Course in January this year he was living in the bush on the mountain, sustaining himself from handouts from a local shelter. At that time he looked thin and unwell and was critical of Christians and disillusioned with God. I have walked a long road with him and seen God at work, empowering him to resist temptation, giving him stamina in situations that I am not sure I would have handled so well and providing for him in little ways that showed that He cared. After ten months a breakthrough came and he now has a job that gives him a meagre salary; he is encouraging the inmates of the shelter in which he stays and mentoring a young man in the ways of the Lord; he is involved in an upliftment program for unskilled unemployed and above all, is full of praise for the goodness of God. Now THAT’S healing!


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