Healing God’s Way

On the subject of healing, I have often wondered how we
would look if we could see the invisible part of ourselves – the part that God
sees, but we don’t. I am talking about the part of us that deals with what is
most important to God – the part that deals with relationships. When you think about it, God’s primary purpose in coming to be with us and to die for us was to heal our relationship with Him and in so doing, our relationship with one
another. I suspect that if we saw people with their relational problems expressed as physical ones we would see a different world. A man we saw as strong and athletic we might now see flushed, shaking and incapacitated with the rigors of anger and resentment; a well-groomed, well-fed lady might appear thin and emaciated from a cold, empty loneliness and a grey-haired, handsome executive might look unkempt and dirty with the weeping sores of an uncontrollable lust.
If we could but see people in this light, we would see the healing power of
Jesus in a whole new way. When He touches us, remarkable things happen in the
invisible realm. The fever of anger is washed away in the balm of a God who
understands pain and gives a peace that defies understanding; the malnourished
lonely soul is fed with the companionship of a living God, who truly is the
Bread of Life; and the sores and stains of uncontrollable sin that keep a man
chained to a bed of shame are touched and healed by a Man who imparts the
Spirit of power over the forces of darkness and looses the chains of the oppressed.

At Kwasizabantu in Natal an African witchdoctor, who had come to Christ was dying of cancer. She overheard someone questioning why God had not healed her.

“Don’t you say anything about my God.” She retorted. “I was filled with bitterness and possessed by demons and God has healed me. My body is nothing. My heart is full and soon I am going to be with the One who has made it full.”

If they could have seen her the way God saw her I am sure they would have seen a robust, healthy, smiling lady dancing her way to her Lover.”


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