As a doctor prayed, God responded.

HI Everyone

I am excited about my new book which is out as an e-book and will be available soon as a hard copy. As an anaesthetist with an interest in ICU I prayed with my patients while they were under my care. I saw some remarkable things happen and wanted to share these so that God can receive the praise that He is due for the way that He answers prayer.

My experience of God has been that He is a God who is primarily interested in relationship. I have found that He does not always answer prayer in the way that we would like, (although I witnessed remarkable miracles) but there is always a move on His part to encourage a greater intimacy with Him.

What greater gift can there be than to experience a God who loves us deeply and becomes our companion? This is what you will read about in the context of the high tech medical scene of an ICU.

Here is a sample from the book to give you the context in which it is written:

“I looked down on little three-year-old Tessa as she lay semi-conscious,
struggling to breathe.

There is something doubly-distressing about a critically-ill child. Adults in a life-threatening state arouse a sense of urgency and compassion, but on seeing
a desperately-ill child something rises up wanting to protect; to shield an
innocent life from the harsh realities of a fallen world. Such were my feelings
as I examined Tessa. Her ribcage rocked in and out from weakened muscles with
each breath, which gurgled through secretions accumulating in her breathing
passages. Beside her bed her distraught mother stared unseeing at the monitors,
feeling the helplessness of watching while everything was out of her control
and in the hands of the attending doctors.

Tessa and John, her older brother by one year, had been playing in the garage at
home. They were having a tea party for their toys. They had set out the tea set
and teddy and the dolls were sitting around drinking invisible tea from the
teacups. The children were joining in drinking from their cups, but it was not
realistic enough for little John. They needed some real tea to drink. He found
some liquid in the garage, poured it into his sister’s cup and gave it to her
to drink. It was deadly insecticide!”

How well I remember that scene in ICU and what happened subsequently. It was early on in my walk with God and I was still learning to hear His voice (do we ever stop learning?!). There were some valuable lessons for us all to take home. I would love you to join me on my journey of discovery.

This is the link for the e-book:


11 thoughts on “As a doctor prayed, God responded.

  1. Hi Dave
    When I was around 19 years old I was instantly healed of migraines. I cried out to God saying “You are the only one who can take away this pain.” and in that moment, it felt as if someone was pulling a rope out the top of my head, the pain was gone! Never to return. Today, I hardly ever get a head ache, and it one starts I just remind the enemy I have been healed and bye bye head ache!. Can’t wait to read your book!

    • Thanks, Jane. Isn’t it great when He answers prayer. Not only for the healing but because it is a way of His saying, “I love you and I care about you.” What about when He does not heal. Anyone had any experiences when He does not heal but still shows His love in a different way?

  2. Dave, the cover is amazing – wow!!!
    Your creativity has no boundaries – you are a super star, i am so glad that we know you – You bring great wisdom into our lives, and what you write will touch the hearts of many
    Your friends
    Bruce , Sue and the clan of Macdonald’s

  3. Will certainly look out for your book, Dave! Can’t wait! I had a brain tumor the size of my fist removed (would love to send you the scan!) in 2004 and spent time in ICU – but nothing could have prepared me for the spiritual warfare I was to go through. I was tormented by demons for four days and nights and eventually, in desperation, surrendered my entire being (for what it was worth) to God. I had had a religious upbringing but had never encounted God! As I cried out to God – and prayed for the “first time” in 42 years! I was enveloped in this amazing embrace of Glory and comfort. I was healed miraculously even though I did not pray for healing, but just to be in His presence. Nothing mattered more to me than to be with Him! My Neurosurgeon apparently prayed for me before the op and attended my church two years later in amazement. I was (and still am) a corporate entertainer/musician and my life was so radically changed that I was ordained onto eldership at our church in June 2011. More info is available on my facebook page (under testimony). God in the ICU – for sure! Ever present to save, comfort, reconcile and heal! Blessings, Dieter Uken

    • Wow! What an amazing testimony. I don’t understand why He does not always do that kind of thing, but the fact that he does do it proves to me that He is alive and active in our lives. As I say in my book “As you read, you may think, as I did, that God could have acted differently in certain situations. I have learned, however, that we never see the big picture. Our encounter with other people gives us a tiny window into a small moment in their lives. God knows what they have been through, what is yet to come and what thread in the tapestry of their lives is appropriate for that time.” I am about to look up your testimony. Blessings. Dave

  4. Hey Dave…… I said this is a God honoring book. Wonderful testimony. Trust it reaches the hearts of many that need to be encouraged and challenged. Bless you my good friend or should I say my GOD friend. Richard

  5. How thrilling!!! I can’t wait to read the whole book…and to spread the Word to everyone I know. Well done Dave…and to think we have the honour of boasting you as one of our Faith Station contributors 🙂

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