Thank you so much for visiting my blog. For the regulars, who are used to visiting GOD IN THE ICU, you’ll see that I’ve revamped it and given it a new name. This is because I’ve written more books and so it’s no longer just about God in the ICU, although, of course, it’s always about God!

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From time to time there will be free offers coming up here. Here’s the first:

Jason Langley’s exploits

Where did he come from?

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A desperately ill man is found in the mountain bush. But where did he come from? He is not from that tribal area. Can his delirious mumbling be deciphered to solve the problem?

As Jason applies his medical skills to treat him, and Trish seeks a solution from God, they are led into a web of evil from which there is no escape….

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Or, if you like inspirational non-fiction you can download Stethoscope Parables here

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These are stories from my experience as an anesthesiologist and a Christian.

They contain spiritual lessons I learned as God spoke to me through the cases I have been involved in.

Whatever you choose to read, I pray that you will be blessed and/or challenged.

Happy reading!